Betsey Johnson Royal Lace Tote | Large Glitzy Gold Handbag

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Betsey Johnson Royal Lace Tote

Betsey Johnson Royal Lace ToteBetsey Johnson shows she can turn even the most demure fabric into a showstopper with this Royal Lace tote.

This tote isn’t for girls who love lace’s delicate, feminine wiles. Instead Betsey Johnson uses the material much like Madonna did in the ’80s, to symbolize feminine rebellion and fierce attitude. Glitzy gold metallic synthetic peeks out from underneath the bold black lacey finish.

Another designer may have decided that such a bold bag should be kept small, but not Betsey. She’s made the Royal Lace tote enormous! I don’t think Betsey Johnson could have added enough organizational aids to keep such a massive space clutter free, but the standard trio of pouches clearly isn’t enough.

This bag is too much for me. Too much flamboyance, too much space, much too much of everything! But Betsey Johnson knows her target audience, and they’re likely to lap this ostentatious tote up, especially for $94.80. For all the criticism I can level at it, I can’t say we’re not getting a lot of bag for our dollar!

More Features of This Betsey Johnson Metallic Gold Tote

  • Magnetic closure
  • Printed interior lining
  • Dual shoulder straps with chain-link embellishments and an 8 inch drop
  • Measures 20.5 x 9 x 13.5 inches

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