Betsey Johnson Bows & Whistles Clutch | Metallic Red Pyramid Stud Purse

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Betsey Johnson Bows & Whistles Clutch

Betsey Johnson Bows & Whistles ClutchPrepare to shield your eyes and embrace your wild side as you look at this Bows & Whistles Clutch from Betsey Johnson.

Perhaps it’s not even necessary to tell you this is a Betsey Johnson original. I can’t imagine anyone else having the gall to pair metallic red leather with pyramid studs. These spikes cover the big bow, an accent which is much more rebellious than most!

The Bows & Whistles clutch is brave and ballsy, the kind of thing only the most confident fashionista could get away with, and even then only with the right outfit. I can’t imagine carrying it could possibly be comfortable though. It’s amazing to see such a spiky purse doesn’t come with a shoulder strap or even a wrist loop. Would you like to press your palm against those pointy pyramids?

That’s the biggest disappointment for me. Polarizing looks are what fashion’s all about, but they need to have a level of practicality about them. What point is there in a clutch purse you can’t comfortably clutch? For $178, the Bows & Whistles purse is one best admired from afar.

More Features of This Betsey Johnson Studded Clutch

  • Top zip closure
  • Interior zip pocket and two gadget pouches
  • Leopard print lined interior
  • Measures 14 x 7.5 x 2.25 inches
  • Made in China

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