Bare Creations Releases Vegan Backpacks | American-Made Eco-Friendly Knapsacks

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Bare Creations Brixton Backpack

Bare Creations Brixton BackpackBare Creations has given classic backpacks a modern green makeover with its range of vegan-friendly rucksacks.

The label boldly states its accessories are the “best backpacks ever,” and while that may be overstating the point I can’t find any evidence to disagree!

There are three styles available: the minimalist Tailor, the buckled Lido, and the domed Brixton. The Tailor and Lido are available in tough cotton canvas while the Brixtons are crafted from polyurethane leatherette. All Bare Creations backpacks are available in a choice of bold but traditional colors.

Bare Creations founder Max Marvin doesn’t buy into the idea that backpacks are just for hikers and school kids. In fact, he says “a backpack can and should be the final touch to any outfit. It’s high time that fashion and function become a single entity.

I agree with the sentiment, and the popularity of high end knapsacks from The Row and Alexander Wang might suggest that backpacks are ready to hit the High Street. But I’m just not sure whether style makers will warm to Bare Creations’ vegan ones.

They might not be stylish enough to ever earn It bag status, but as Bare Creations’ entire range costs less than $100 I’m sure they’ll find a following amongst the frugal eco-warriors out there.

[Source: Bare Creations]