Yves Saint Laurent Creates Sustainable Collection | Eco-Friendly Clothes, Handbags, and Shoes Debut at Barneys

Posted on: Jun 11

If you thought environmentally-friendly fashion meant organic totes and recycled candy wrapper bags, Yves Saint Laurent is here to prove you wrong. The label has taken the idea of using recycled materials and gone in a new direction for couture.

Under the design direction of Stefano Pilati, YSL has released a new collection called "New Vintage" that constructed entirely from leftover cotton drill from past inventories. It's a clever and creative idea for sustainability and something I didn't really expect from the brand.

Within the classic collection, first unveiled at retail store Barneys, you'll find simple dresses and trench coats as well as sandals and a redesigned version of the Downtown tote. The colors palette is pleasantly simple with earth tones and light pinks and blues.

Pilati explained, "'New Vintage' is my way to reflect our social and economic state by capitalizing on existing resources to translate sustainable 'values' into 'forms.'"  

Though the fabric is recycled leftovers, don't expect the price to reflect that. The collection ranges in price from $495 to $4,100.

[Source: Huffinton Post]

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