Yali Derman’s Carry On Totes | Peacock Bags for Kids Cancer Arts Charity Program

Posted on: Feb 24

Yali Carry On TotesYali Derman has beaten the odds, and now she hopes her Carry On bags will help others do the same.

Yali was diagnosed with leukemia at age five, and again at nine. The sunny spot during her illness came from her involvement in the art and music therapy programs funded by K.I.D.S.S for Kids at Children's Memorial Hospital, so it's only fitting that proceeds from her new totes will benefit the initiatives that inspired her.

The Carry On totes are embellished with a peacock, an animal that holds great personal significance for this nursing student. For her the bird symbolizes renewal and new beginnings, themes she hopes will inspire anyone who buys her bags.

The Carry On totes will make their debut on Sunday, March 6 at Saks Fifth Avenue Renaissance Place in Highland Park, Illinois. Yali will be on hand at 11 am to present her collection and meet her fans. You can reserve a tote to pick-up at the event at Yali's Carry On website.

[Source: Trib Local]
[Image Source: Yali's Carry On website]

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  1. Ben Says:

    I’m going to be at this event on Sunday, and I am so excited! Yali is truly an inspiration!

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