Yak Pak Carrie Tote | Green Skull Fabric Handbag

Posted on: Jun 28

Yak Pak Carrie ToteYak Pak never overcomplicates its bags, but it may have created one of its simplest in the Carrie tote.

This is a real back to basics bag, with a traditional shape and no fuss. Yak Pak's playful skull print brings a little personality, but you could never call it a head turner. Its sturdy black straps pop against the tote's body, but they're about smarts more than style.

The Carrie's such a spacious bag that it can handle one of the label's netbook sleeves, along with some other necessary belongings. You needn't worry about overburdening it either, as it's sold with a lifetime warranty. The tote's PVC nylon blended fabric is also incredibly light, so it shouldn't drag you down even when it’s full. That material doesn't look especially smart, but it's easy to keep clean. You need only sponge it with a damp rag to remove most stains.

The Carrie won't garner wistful glances or become a conversation starter, but it gets the job done. And it does it for just $29, which makes it a great bargain buy for anyone counting their pennies.

More Features of This Yak Pak Skull Tote

  • Measures 0.4 x 14 x 15 inches

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