XOXO Folly Tote Bag | White Canvas Handbag with Colorful Love Print

Posted on: Feb 9

This Folly tote from XOXO has all the youthful energy we expect from the brand. While it might not suit those sophisticated fashion fans out there, it's bound to be the envy of tweens and young teens.

Those budding bagistas are the ones XOXO clearly targets here with this colorful "Love" signature print. The white canvas body is the ideal backdrop for the bold multicolored letters and hearts. It makes the print really pop, although I wouldn't be surprised if it gets grubby before long.

A row of studs along the bottom of the bucket-shaped tote completes the modern design. The patent rope handle looks a little out of place here, but it's not a serious flaw. At least it looks reasonably comfortable to carry, and it's long enough to sling over a shoulder. These practical issues will be much more important to a teen anyway.

Practicality seems to be forgotten inside though. Perhaps the white satin lining inspired the tote's name! Whatever the case, it's a serious misstep. I'm sure the lining will be covered in pen marks and lipstick stains before too long. At least the interior is a good size; big enough for essentials and a few luxuries, but not large enough for teens to struggle with.

And the price is right for its demographic too. At $59, this canvas tote will suit girls until they're ready to move on to more sophisticated designs.

More Features of This XOXO Canvas Tote

  • A zippered pocket inside
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Measures 14 x 5 x 12 inches

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