Versetta’s New iPad Bags | Stylish Synthetic Handbags for Apple Tablets

Posted on: Jul 20

Versetta iPad Bag

Versetta has added stylish iPad handbags to its range of sophisticated fashion accessories. The Illinois brand has created two iPad collections, and following their success there's one more on the way.

The Prima and Affari bags are made from high quality leatherette. They have an inner frame and protective flap to hold both models of the tablet securely in place. With the flap raised, fashionistas can operate their iPad, including all controls and ports, without removing it from their bag. Technology is the focus, but the collection of pockets inside ensure these handbags are truly functional.

The Prima collection is a modern range, with poppy colors including pink, turquoise, and yellow. The Affari bags are the Prima's more classic cousins, with their conservative neutral color palette and timeless designs.

The new Vacanza handbags will join their tech-savvy sisters on the Versetta website in September. Personally I think that $189 for the Prima bags, and between $189 and $229 for the Affari ones is too expensive. We've seen many real leather accessories at this price after all. Goodness knows how much we'll pay for the new Vacanza purses! But if you've been searching for an iPad bag that's more fashion forward than the average, you might still be tempted.

[Source: Pad Gadget]

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