Valentino Histoire Patent Purses | Bright Raspberry and Turquoise Designer Handbags

Posted on: Oct 8

Now that the shows for the Spring collections are over and autumn purses have saturated the net, we need something new to excite us. Well, these delicious Valentino Patent Histoire Bags will certainly do the trick.

This celebrity favorite has gotten a sweet make-over in the form of raspberry and turquoise. I'm drooling over both these bright and eye-catching colors as they would fit in perfectly here in Miami. Let's face it, Miami is a resort! I'm sure these lovely bags are just the tip of the iceberg as more and more resort bags become available for pre-order.

These Valentino Patent Histoire purses in raspberry or turquoise is available for about $1795. Search for it online.

(First posted here: Resort Bags: Valentino Histoire in Raspberry and Turquoise)

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