Valentino Histoire Framed Tote | Classic Raspberry Red Girly Leather Purse

Calm down, Calm down! The stunning Valentino Histoire design is now a glossy framed tote and done in a succulent-looking shade...
Dania P.
23 sec read

Valentino Histoire Belted Glossy Tote in Purple & Black

I often find myself wondering who actually photographs handbags for the web. Quite frankly I think I could do a much...
Dania P.
1 min read

Valentino Histoire Patent Purses | Bright Raspberry and Turquoise Designer Handbags

Now that the shows for the Spring collections are over and autumn purses have saturated the net, we need something new...
Dania P.
25 sec read

Valentino Histoire Shoulder Bag | Luxurious Patent Leather Purse

This Valentino Histoire handbag is the purse of choice for Hollywood’s yummy mommies Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Garner. And it’s not...
43 sec read