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Posted on: Mar 4

Valentino Flower Appliqued Canvas Tote

Valentino's new designs haven't been my favorite these past few seasons. Since the maestro's retirement, the line has had a lot of stylistic ups and downs. Fortunately, this flower appliqued tote is firmly on the line's up side.

The natural color of the tote looks totally organic. It's so natural-looking, in fact, that it looks undyed, but there's no way to tell for sure. I'm not always a big fan of floppy floral appliques, but the canvas material makes them a little less, well, floppy, and the subtle coloring makes them look very subdued.

I love the Mary Poppins' style shape of this frame bag. Large bags with frame tops can be quite heavy, but Valentino has avoided some of this problem by using a relatively lightweight material. The nude leather straps and trim accent the pale color of the bag nicely. Overall, I'd say this is one of the most understated floral bags that I've seen all season.

Using canvas instead of a more luxurious material did not, apparently, help cut back on costs. At $2,150, this tote is seriously pricey. I like it, but I'm not sure I'd be willing to break a bank that big for unbleached canvas.

More Features Of The Valentino Flower Applique Canvas Tote

  • 11” 11” x 4” size
  • 6” strap drop
  • Fully lined

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