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Posted on: May 1

Wetsuit iPad Cases

We all want to keep our shiny portable technology safe and dry, so what better way to do it than wrap it up in a wetsuit? A range of laptop and iPad cases made from recycled wetsuit neoprene is available from the Uncommon Goods website.

Each case is made from wetsuit offcuts to minimize the carbon footprint and prevent the excess material ending up in landfill. The nylon neoprene is stitched together to create a green case which protects your iPad from scratches and water splashes. The tiny zippered pocket you see is designed to hold small valuables, including business cards and small change.

A shoulder strap would have made these cases a bit easier to manage, especially for commuters. However these snug-fitting cases should fit inside a sizable briefcase or office tote.

It'll take a bit of care to keep this wetsuit tablet case in tip top condition though. It'll survive a trip through the washing machine if you use a cold-water cycle, but it won't appreciate the heat. That means tumble drying is out, although you can hang it on a clothesline.

There are wetsuit cases designed to hold iPads, 10 inch netbooks, and laptops with screens measuring 13, 15, and 17 inches. Get them from the Uncommon Goods website from $26.

[Source: Uncommon Goods]

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