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Posted on: Jul 2

Sarah Jane Williams Suitcases 1
You'll never fail to find your suitcase on the baggage carousel if it's one of the quirky limited edition travel bags and trunks designed by British designer Sarah Jane Williams. A graduate of the London College of Fashion and former intern at a leather goods company, she's clearly learned a thing or two about pushing boundaries!

Williams' unusually shaped travel bags, released under the label Williams British Handmade, are handcrafted from high quality bridle leather strung over brass metal frames. They are a curious mix of classic craftsmanship and modern design vision. But at their heart they're really old fashioned girls, made using traditional saddle stitching techniques.

The craftsmanship is amazing and the looks are incredible. They're more like works of art than any travel cases I've ever seen. But I can't imagine they'd be very easy to pack, especially that U-shaped one. And can you just imagine how crumpled your clothes would be once you reached your destination?

They have their functional limitations, but I'm still smitten with these suitcases. If you are too, and want a Sarah Jane Williams trunk for your next vacation, you can order it using the contact details provided on her Williams British Handmade website.
Sarah Jane Williams Suitcases 2

[Source: Williams British Handmade]

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