Tylie Malibu Gypsy Skinny Wrap Clutch | Beaded Black Leather Purse

Posted on: Feb 24

Tylie Malibu Gypsy Skinny Wrap ClutchI don't know about you, but I haven't heard of the Tylie Malibu brand before. It certainly isn't one of the design houses always being bandied about by the fashion elite, but I think that is something of a shame.

You see, the Gypsy clutch deserves recognition. It does, as expected, channel that boho "Romany" vibe, mainly in the form of that stylish leather thong that wraps around and around the centre of the purse. To go with the apparent stereotype, the carved metal beads and cute silver coins put me in mind of having my palm read in front of a beautiful vintage wooden caravan!

Yet whilst the skinny wrap seems boho, the rest of this purse seems actually quite luxurious. That deeply crinkled leather, for example, explains the $244 price tag. There are some other leather options, such a a patent gold, or snakeskin, but interestingly these somehow actually look cheaper.

The design of this beaded clutch may have worked better in a roll up shape to match the wrap thong, but all the same it is a pretty take on a plain leather purse.

More Features of this Tylie Malibu Gypsy Clutch:

  • Available in a range of other colors and patterns
  • Bead decorated leather wrap
  • Leather exterior
  • No interior pockets

Get this Skinny Beaded Wrap Purse:

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