Berge Designs Wrap Clutch | Snakeskin Structured Purse with Gold Chain

Posted on: Jul 24

Berge Designs has possibly created the weirdest purse in the world with this good looking seventies style clutch.

What makes it so odd? Well, beneath the elegant yet traditional good looks, or the kitsch gold chain and deep brown crocodile leather, lies a mysterious truth. That truth? This elegant wrapped clutch unrolls to reveal nearly an entire hornback crocodile skin!

This strange feature may be far too macabre for some, and it pushes the high-end and very expensive bag way past the realms of normality. It is a strange and unusual gimmick, with slight economical ramifications, even if the crocodile was farm bred and thus not much different to farm bred leather.

For an expensive and rather fantastic bag, there are no special touches and luxury features. The good looking chain is about as fancy as it gets. The interior is unadulterated raw leather.

This Berge Designs crocodile purse is a statement purse without any airs and graces. Dramatic, unusual, and undeniably pricey!

More Features of this Berge Designs Wrap Clutch

  • Sculpted from nearly an entire crocodile skin
  • Unusual wrapping feature
  • Gold chain handle
  • Seventies style

Get this Unusual Crocodile Leather Evening Bag:

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