Twisted Twee Releases Eco-Friendly Shoppers for Manly Men

Posted on: May 5

Men are an oft-forgotten market in the world of eco-friendly shopping bags. It's almost as if designers don't imagine a man would ever venture into a supermarket. Why else would they adorn environmentally friendly totes with floral prints and girly slogans?

Thankfully Twisted Twee look set to reverse the trend with its cheeky new collection of green bags. The cotton totes feature slogans all men will relate to, including "Whatever I get, it will be wrong," and "I have totally forgotten what she sent me out for." With these macho mottos, you might be able to convince your man to shun plastic and pick up some bread and milk after work!

What's more, these manly Twisted Twee shoppers don't cost a fortune. You can get them for £12 from The Twisted Twee website.

[Source: The Bag Lady]
[Image Source: Beadwoman/Flickr]

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