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Posted on: Feb 14

Travelon RFID WalletIn the old days a wallet was considered secure if our coins didn't spill from the sides. These days security is a more high-tech matter, and purses like this RFID Blocking Wallet from Travelon are on the cutting edge.

If you're not in the know, RFID refers to the small chips that are so prevalent in modern cards. You'll find them on your driver's license, your credit cards, and even your store loyalty cards. These chips contain all sorts of personal information that can easily fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully a wallet like this one has a special layer which blocks the transmission of this valuable data.

We've seen a few purses employing this technology of late, but most of them are pretty forgettable. While I'd hardly call this Travelon purse a trend setter, its embroidered flower is quite pretty. I like the way its orange stitched outline livens up the fairly drab brown nylon body. The material isn't very luxurious, but it's built to last. Travelon even guarantees it with a one-year limited warranty.

And perhaps most importantly, Travelon hasn't forgotten about what we want in a wallet. This purse has an impressive 12 slots for credit cards, a pair of open pouches for bills, and a secure zippered pouch for loose change.

At just $19.99, this Travelon wallet is an inexpensive way to keep your personal details safe.

More Features of This Travelon Nylon Wallet

  • Striped interior lining
  • Zip closure
  • Measures 4 x 7.5 x 0.75 inches

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