Traditional Bally Redgrave Tote | Leather and Canvas Luxury Handbag

Posted on: Apr 5

BALLY Redgrave ToteI am always shocked when Bally makes a handbag that isn't all leather, but when it comes up with designs like this fabulous Redgrave I can't really complain!

The main word for a painfully expensive bag like this? Classic. From the square handle, to the deep blue contrasting trim against the plain canvas. From the neat buckles and rectangular shape to the gorgeous textured leather. It is all classic, but in the most spectacularly luxuriously wonderful way. In case you can't tell, this simple design is getting a big thumbs up from me.

Of course, convertible design and dramatic elegance doesn't come cheap. Well it could, but that tends to mean it comes without the nice ingredients and the utterly crisp lines. Even so, $1495 is a lot of money, and you would have to be really sure of the investment value of a leather and canvas satchel. Does it work for you?

More Features of this Bally Redgrave Handbag

  • Also available in yellow
  • Leather and canvas exterior
  • Optional long leather shoulder strap
  • Metal clasp closure

Get this Luxury Traditional Tote:

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