Tonya Jacobsen Designs Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Shopper | Customer Wins Supermarket Design Contest

Posted on: Dec 7

Fresh & Easy Limited Edition ShopperLas Vegas Tonya Jacobsen is the winner of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market's second annual Design-A-Bag contest. Ms Jacobsen's hand-painted fruit and veg design will grace the supermarket's latest limited edition reusable shopper.

While I'm sure Jacobsen will be tickled pink to see her handiwork on the store's bags, she's also won a far more lucrative prize. She will enjoy free groceries from the market store for the next 12 months.

Jacobsen said she was "so excited" about her win that she plans to 'wrap' all her Christmas gifts in the limited edition bags this year. What a great way to ensure all your nearest and dearest see your winning design!

Jacobsen's design was chosen from more than 800 entries. After making the short list her artwork was selected by the Friends of fresh&easy, the members of Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets' company rewards program. The contest is part of the supermarket's efforts to encourage its customers to shop with recyclable bags. Fresh & Easy's chief customer officer John Burry explained the initiative, commenting that "By offering more attractive and useful reusable bags, we hope customers will be encouraged to use them more and in turn, join us in helping the environment."

Tonya Jacobsen's shoppers will sell for a limited time at Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets across America for 99c.

[Source: MarketWatch]
[Image Source: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets website]

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