Tommy Hilfiger Amarilla Shopper | Convertible Functional Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Feb 1

This signature shopper from Tommy Hilfiger gives you just the right amount of flexibility.

That flexibility comes from a useful convertible ability. Whilst some bags can be converted form a clutch to a tote and back again, this one uses handle options to give you the choice between a handheld tote and a convenient shoulder bag. This means that at the beginning of the day you can prance around with this feminine purse on your arm, knowing that you have the option to switch it over should it get too full of purchases.

The design isn't unfamiliar to anyone who knows what a normal Tommy Hilfiger handbag looks like. He always uses the same striped signature strips, and whilst it does look good it can sometimes leave you wondering if he is capable of thinking outside the box. That said, there is nothing wrong at all with the matte dusky pink canvas and the contrasting dark brown leather. In fact, it looks very sophisticated and classy, and works nicely for the upcoming trends.

All in all this Amarilla shopping is a smart and useful purse with a convenient convertible option. It is also quite affordable, so will definitely be a sensible choice.

More Features of this Tommy Hilfiger Shopper

  • Also available in black
  • Optional shoulder strap
  • Nylon exterior
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets

Get this Convertible Amarilla Shoulder Bag:

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