Tintamar Launches Limited Edition Travel Bags | Peacock & Sparkling Purses for Christmas

Posted on: Nov 2

Tintamar Sparkling Box BagFrench travel accessories label Tintamar gave attendees at the recent Tax Free World Association World Exhibition a sneak peek at its latest additions, including a pair of lavish limited edition lines.

Luxury lovers will be drawn to the Peacock Collection, a small limited edition line accented with real peacock feathers. These plumes are complemented by velvety navy, khaki, and noisette-hued materials. The range features reworkings of Tintamar's famous Very Intelligente Pocket, or the VIP as it's commonly known, and VIP Access purses in three different sizes.

If feathers aren't your thing you may prefer Tintamar's Sparkling Collection, which is every bit as glittery and girly as it sounds. The VIP and VIP Access purses re-appear again in this line. These Tintamar staples sit alongside a new evening bag called the Sparkling Box. All the Sparkling accessories are available in luminescent bronze and black shades.

Considering their limited edition status the Peacock and Sparkling accessories are quite reasonably priced. The VIP Access purses start at €14 and top €18 for the largest size. The Sparkling Box is a bit more expensive at €25, while the VIPs round out the range at €45. Look for these limited edition Tintamar lines in stores in time for Christmas shopping.

[Source: The Moodie Report]

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