The SAK Deena Mini Cross-Body | Small Metallic Purple Flap Casual Handbag

Posted on: Nov 18

The SAK Deena Mini Flap Cross-BodyAdd a little bit of glamour to your everyday wardrobe with this fun Deena cross-body bag from The SAK.

I'm not always the greatest fan of metallic leather, particular on daytime handbags, but this purple shade known as concord is just too hard to resist. It's very retro and playful, the perfect antidote to traditional gold and silver. These tones are available if you want them, but they just don't have the same punch as this pretty purple.

The SAK gets away with this glitzy shade because the Deena is so simple and small. I could never imagine carrying a large tote in this metallic hue, but on a tinier canvas it works well.

Whether the Deena will become part of your everyday wardrobe probably depends on how many items you normally carry. If you're a fan of oversized bags, you won't even start to fit your essentials inside. But if you live life more simply you'll probably find a bag this small freeing. Especially if you spend a lot of time on the go, this lightweight and compact accessory will be a great companion.

The convertible straps are a great idea, as they allow us to wear the Deena as a cross-body bag or like a storage belt around the waist. The second option isn't quite as stylish, but it's probably more secure. That's definitely something to consider if you're taking the Deena traveling to foreign countries.

We don't get a lot of bag for our dollar, but for $49 we get a surprising level of quality and style.

More Features of This The Sak Mini Flap Cross-Body Bag

  • Nylon lined interior
  • Zip top closure
  • Measures 1.2 x 7.2 x 5 inches

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