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Posted on: Mar 23

The Luggage and Bag Shop logoNew online shopping destination The Luggage and Bag Shop looks to put an end to airport anxiety and excess baggage fees.

With airlines around the world calling for its travelers to adhere to different weight and size restrictions for their checked baggage and carry-on cases, it can be difficult to keep track. The Luggage and Bag Shop takes away the guesswork by detailing the dimensions and weights required by almost 100 airlines around the world.

You simply choose your preferred carrier and the British site reveals a selection of suitable cabin bags and travel cases. You can also search for a bag according to its brand, color, shell, price, or material.

"The result of having the wrong size or weight of hand luggage can be costly as the airline will insist that you check-in the baggage to the plane's hold,” explained website spokesperson Stephen Bannerman. “We wanted to take the anxiety and frustration out of carrying hand luggage."

Since its launch a couple of months ago, The Luggage and Bag Shop has quickly established itself as a trusted seller of travel accessories. It offers a diverse selection including of some 600 different products including luggage, cabin bags, and accessories for business and weekend travel. With its range still expanding, it's worth giving this site a look before you next take flight.

[Source: PRWeb]
[Image Source: The Luggage and Bag Shop]

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