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Posted on: Jan 31

The Iron LadyMeryl Streep isn't the only big name profiting from the success of The Iron Lady. British fashion firm Launer is enjoying record sales as women everywhere attempt to emulate Margaret Thatcher's no nonsense style.

The firm reports that sales of its boxy purses have increased by 59% since the biopic hit cinemas earlier this month. It's so optimistic about the results that it plans to add more sewers and machinists to its workforce to cope with the demand.

Launers business was already booming following the royal wedding last April. After the Queen carried a Launer bag to that occasion the company's sales rose by some 60%. And those figures might have been even higher if the demand hadn't crashed the Launer website for two days! The monarch has been a longtime fan of Launer's accessories, so the company will no doubt have his fingers crossed that she'll carry another of its bags to the upcoming diamond jubilee celebrations. Can we feel another sales spike coming on?

Launer has long been a favorite amongst older Brits, but it's only recently that the label's captured the imaginations of younger fashion fans. It's observed more 25 to 35-year-old women buying its bespoke designs, which is really encouraging for the brand going forward.

Is a Launer bag on your wardrobe wishlist?

[Source: Express & Star]
[Image Source: Wikipedia Commons]

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