Target Copies PS1 Bag | Proenza Schouler Designers Talk Mossimo Messenger

Posted on: Mar 26

PS1 and Mossimo Messenger

Target has angered Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez by selling a bag virtually identical to their iconic PS1 purse. While the original Proenza Schouler accessory costs a few thousand dollars, you can own a similarly styled Mossimo messenger for just $34.95.

McCollough and Hernandez became aware of the Mossimo messenger's resemblance to the PS1 when McCollough's sister e-mailed her sibling a photo of the offending purse. The designers were especially upset considering their relationship with Target. They worked with the department store through the GO International designers program, and some of those items were recently re-released to celebrate the initiative's fifth anniversary.

"So our product is in Target right now, and then this bag comes out," Proenza Schouler's chief executive Shirley Cook told The Times. "It's just disappointing, especially from someone we worked with."

McCullough said he could understand the practicality of a more affordable version, but wished Target would stop selling the Mossimo messenger. After all, shouldn't Target's collaboration with Proenza Schouler have given customers all the affordable Proenza Schouler style goodies they needed?

No one's talking lawsuits at this point, but it'll be interesting to see what the designers do if Target doesn't remove the bags from their shelves. Looking at the two bags yourself, should this case end up in the courts?

[Source: Fashionista]
[Image Source: The Purse Blog]

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