Sustainable Fish Leather Tipped To Be Next Big Name in Exotic Handbags

Posted on: Apr 28

We've all lusted after purses made from crocodile, python, and stingray. But salmon? Industry buzz suggests that fish leather may be the next big thing.

The durability and sustainable nature of fish skins have seen these new exotics adopted by big name brands including Prada, Loewe, Christian Dior, and Puma.

"It's a good fit for fashion because it's stronger and more durable than leather, believe it or not, because the fibers cross more than in cow or lamb," says Gunnsteinn Bjornsson, co-founder of Iceland-based Atlantic Leather.

His company makes five different fish leathers from perch, salmon, wolfish, and cod. The abundance of fish in Iceland led Bjornsson to develop the leathers, but it took many years for the fashion world to consider it. Sports labels Nike and Puma began using the skins in 2005, and now many luxury brands have followed.

"It's appealing because it's considered an exotic skin, but it's not endangered. It's sustainable and easier to attain," explained Stivan Kerestegian of ES Sustainable, a salmon skin manufacturer in Chile.

The fish leather industry is in its early stages, but as fashion brands look for more sustainable luxury skins its popularity is sure to rise.

[Source: Metronews Calgary]
[Image Source: Atlantic Leather]

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