Sungmin Han’s Foldable Bags | Student’s Origami-Inspired Handbags

Posted on: Dec 26

Sungmin Han Foldable Bags

London College of Fashion student Sungmin Han's proved she's one to watch after she designed a range of origami-inspired handbags.

Han's handbag line takes the concept of convertible purses and pushes it to the limit. It was inspired by the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, although you don't need to be well versed in the craft. Simply fold along the lines to transform your purse and change its shape and style.

"If one section is pulled out, it will be a different shape, or its features can be changed if it is reorganized," Han explained.

Han said she was inspired by the way that origami transforms flat paper into an object with form. Continue with the origami and the original shape can become something else with a few clever moves.

"I think this can be good example to show what my concept is, and how I want to make accessories," added Han.

As Sungmin Han is still a student it's likely to be some time before we see her bags on the market, but I love their originality. She's really thought her concept through, with sketches showing how the foldable style would work with clutches, backpacks, shoppers, and totes.

Someone sign this young designer up quick. She's got fresh ideas, and in the world of fashion that's a precious commodity!

[Source: London College of Fashion website]

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