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Posted on: Nov 28

Sundara Studio Yoga BagAnyone who's spent time trying to stuff a yoga mat into a yoga bag knows how quickly the experience can make you lose your bliss. Sundara Studio looks to make it a little easier to stay chilled out with its range of user-friendly and stylish yoga bags.

Most yoga bags require you to roll your mat up so tightly that it's a near impossibility. The bags from Sundara are a lot more forgiving as they open up right along their length. They're also very spacious, so even the most hastily rolled yoga mat will fit easily. Along with the generous main compartment there's also a large zippered pocket for holding your gym card, keys, and a cell phone for when you're ready to connect again with the outside world.

The pretty prints on the outside are matched with colored linings which are designed with your chakras in mind. There's golden yellow for clarity and intuition, emerald green for arousing love and compassion, bright red to enhance your spiritual potential, and more.

The Sundara yoga bags are all handmade, which makes their $80 price tags seem quite reasonable. Get yours from Supermarket or the label's Etsy store.

[Source: Supermarket]

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  1. Peter@Thick Yoga Mat Says:

    Most people buy their yoga mat and bag online as that is the easiest and the most convenient way of getting their bag. Now what do you look for in a good bag? Those mat bags with good slings tend to give you more comfort when you are slinging the bag over your shoulder although they can be a little more expensive.

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