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Posted on: May 6

Have you ever seen a handbag that you love, but not known how to style it? If so, then you could probably use a few styling ideas to set you off on the right foot. These 'How to Wear' posts will aim to do just that: to give you a few fashion ideas to inspire you with the bags you love. Each post will be on a handbag that we have featured on BagBunch, ranging from the weird to the wonderful.

Celebrating the arrival of weather somewhat akin to summer, this week's bag is a vibrant green beauty that is just perfect for sunny days. The Melie Bianco Loop tote is sophisticated and classy, but some people may have trouble making that bright color work for the office. That is what we are here to help with!

At The Beach

Summer The Melie Bianco Loop Tote

Summer | The Melie Bianco Loop Tote

As you can see it is easy to create a beautiful summer outfit with this stunning bag. To really work well under the beating hot sun I recommend a light cotton maxi skirt, which will create a beautiful silhouette at the same time as keeping you nice and cool. I have teamed the white base of this outfit with coordinating greens, and summery beaded accessories to echo that really unusual olive shade, and I have thrown in a glimpse of red to brighten it up. Don't worry; being brave with color like this won't make you look like a Christmas tree! Finally, a hat is the key accessory to the summer; don't forget it!


Workwear The Melie Bianco Loop Tote

Workwear | The Melie Bianco Loop Tote

Whilst summer is super easy with a beach friendly bag like this, most people worry about such a bright color at work. I maintain that by creating a fresh spring look you can make the green stand out less, instead becoming a component of a coordinated and natural outfit  rather than anything bold and over the top. I have stuck with a simple pair of work pants and as classy leaf necklace, and then built the fresh and youthful look up with a figure flattering floral blouse and coordinating Fluevog heels. The color scheme, thanks to the lilacs, becomes muted and gentle, and you may well be the most stylish gal in the office!

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