Study Says Less Logos Mean Big Bucks for Handbag Designers

Posted on: Jul 31

Many bagistas are willing to pay the big bucks for Louis Vuitton's signature brown and tan print, or the large interlocking Cs of a Chanel purse. But new research reported in the Journal of Marketing says that discerning luxury lovers are happy to pay even more to leave those ostentatious logos behind.

The reasoning behind it is this. Those who are really well off don't need gaudy symbols to advertise their wealth. Instead they're content with their fortune, while those who simply seek status want to advertise the pedigree of their latest purchase. They look to let those beneath them on the social rung know that they’ve climbed the ladder, unaware that the fat cats at the top are looking down on them. It all makes sense when you think about it, although it probably won't please signature print fans!

I wonder whether this research sees more handbag designers taking Hermes lead, and reaping the considerable financial benefits.

[Source: Scientific American]
[Image Source: conny Leigl/Flickr]

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