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Posted on: Jan 2

Soham Dave Ajrak ToteYou don't need to visit India to enjoy the country's stunning handcrafted accessories, thanks to sustainable fashion label Soham Dave.

Soham Dave's love of meditation, spirituality, and creativity inspired him to launch the innovative apparel, handbags, and jewelry range that shares his name. The label's products are crafted from natural, biodegradable materials worked by hand to minimize the company's carbon footprint. Many of the fabrics are also recycled or upcycled to reduce the planet's waste.

Traditional artisans create Soham Dave's materials for fair trade wages. The practice keeps their native crafts alive and exposes them to a wider audience. The label enjoys promoting these time honored techniques and even helps its artisans refine their skills. I particularly like the hand block printed Ajrak and the handspun Khadi materials that are so unique and well made.

The Soham Dave handbags also contain some of the most intricate hand embroidery I've ever seen. And don't worry about those vibrant hues; all cotton threads are colored using natural dyes so they don't harm the planet. Even the leather handles and trims are reclaimed. This is a label that takes its green credentials seriously.

Soham Dave apparel items and accessories are available from selected boutiques in the United States and the Soham Dave website.

[Source: Soham Dave]

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