Sofia Coppola’s Chic Louis Vuitton Handbags Collection Available in Asia

Posted on: Apr 7

A few months ago we told you that director Sofia Coppola was stepping out from behind the camera to design a fashion line for Louis Vuitton. We saw a sneak peek last year, and now Sofia's stylish line is taking Asia by storm.

Sofia was inspired to take a foray into fashion when she couldn't find her ideal shoes or purses. When Louis Vuitton offered to help her create her own pieces, she did what any girl would and jumped at the chance. The result is a collection that combines classic colors with spacious, practical designs.

Sofia said she was inspired by her idol Lauren Hutton when reinventing Louis Vuitton's slim-lined signature clutch.

"Lauren Hutton is one of my fashion heroines. I had her in mind when we did the Monogram pochette," Sofia explained.

It's just one of a selection of smaller clutch purses, which are designed to hide in your day bags until the sun goes down.

Sofia has a personal attachment to all her pieces, but does have a few special favorites.

"I especially love the navy day bag, and asphalt gray suede day bag ...  and the black pochette with gold piping and matching shoes," she said.

It sounds like there's a lot to love about this timeless collection! More international locations are set to follow the Asian release.

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