Soapbox Fiji Oyster Case | Quirky Retro Striped Cross-Body Bag

Posted on: Oct 11

Soapbox Fiji Oyster CaseSoapbox offers a quirky new take on the cross-body bag with this Fiji Oyster Case.

There's a fun, retro feel to this bag's hard structured shell. Its curved top takes us back to the 1960s, and those vertical stripes look like they've stepped straight out of the mod era.

I wish the nickel turn-lock clasp was a bit larger though. It sort of gets lost in amongst the pattern. However it does the job of keeping this purse secure, which is really all it's meant for.

The Fiji Oyster Case's structure means it's not made for over-stuffing, but you should find enough space to hold everything you really need. Soapbox gives us a head start on that too by offering up some complementary make-up brushes and plastic travel bottles. They're unusual extras, but we never complain when we're getting something for nothing. A zippered pocket and array of elasticized loops ensure these goodies, and anything else you want to carry, stays in order.

The thin carry strap is really the only downside I see. The skinnier the strap, the more it tugs on your shoulder. While it's long enough for easy carrying, an extra inch or two in the other direction would have made all the difference.

But for this price I can forgive that little flaw. At $32, this unusual cross-body bag is a real bargain.

More Features of This Soapbox Cross-Body Bag

  • Nylon lined interior
  • Nickel feet on the base
  • Measures 10 x 9 x 5 inches

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