Sneak Peek at Handbags from Kate Moss for Longchamp Collaboration

Posted on: Jan 19

After having just recently revealed that Kate Moss has been collaborating with Longchamp for a new line of handbags for the luxury label, we've already got a first look at what she's been working on thanks to the latest issue of Vogue Paris.

The designs, created by Moss under the direction of the label's artistic director Sophie Delafontaine, are chic and stylish. I'd expect nothing less from someone with Moss' experience. Although they're not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion, these handbags fit beautifully with Longchamp's traditional style and seem like they would appeal to a broad range of personal tastes ... not to mention any fan of Kate Moss.

In the article for the French magazine, the supermodel elaborated on her design choices and preferences, which has been loosely translated here:

The emerald green pochette, whose color I love, I wanted to be very simple, based on the shape of an envelope. I would wear it with all black or all navy. Because I love to wear dove gray, I wanted a bag in that color to go with my gray jeans.

See more from the pages of the February 2010 Vogue Paris featuring the first look at Kate Moss for Longchamp and read more of the translated quote here.

[Source: fashionologie]

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