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Posted on: Nov 2

Sherpani Mia Shoulder BagSherpani puts functionality ahead of fashion with this Mia shoulder bag.

It's not that this messenger-style shoulder bag is ugly, but it doesn't have all those things that make us turn green with accessory envy. It's not made from an exotic skin, or even a soft, supple leather. Nylon might be durable, but it's also pretty ho hum, even in a range of colors. I think this khaki shade might be the most versatile, but I'm glad there's red and shadow blue to satisfy anyone looking for more fun.

Its curves are playful but they're never going to start anyone's heart fluttering. Sherpani's floral emblem is a cute way to brand the bag, but it also doesn't inspire the same feelings as a polished nameplate bearing a high-end designer's logo.

Perhaps we're better off ignoring what this bag is not and focusing what it is. And that, dear readers, is smart. It's that elusive "just right" size, not too big or too small. Its interior is well organized with zippered pockets and open ones for gadget. There are even card slots, allowing us to leave our wallet behind if we need more storage space. The tightly woven strap is also adjustable, so we can take the Mia from a shoulder bag to a cross-body with minimal fuss.

And at $59.95, it's also very affordable. All too often that sort of money buys us tacky looking thin leatherette or a purse so small that we can't do anything with it. I'd take this over those budget options any day!

More Features of This Sherpani Nylon Cross-Body Bag

  • Floral interior lining
  • Measures 3.5 x 9.6 x 9.4 inches

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