Serpui Marie Checkerboard Purse | Complex Luxury Shell Clutch

Posted on: Jun 13

Serpui Marie Checkerboard Shell ClutchMother of pearl shell is a classic luxury material, and Serpui Marie acknowledges this fact in a play on the classic Mother of Pearl checkerboard.

Of course, this particular checkerboard is less likely to be seen huddled over by old men than played with and fawned over by girls! In fact, it comes in the form of a cute little clutch. The dark and light sections of shell contrast in an intricate and complex checkered pattern all over the body, making it much more about the fashion than about the tradition!

Of course, though this special evening bag looks remarkable, it costs a pretty penny too. In fact, it costs $595, making it a really "special occasion" bag if ever there was one. The question is whether that sleek shell exterior is enough to make you spend that much, or whether you would be willing to risk the shoddier workmanship in a cheaper alternative.

Whilst I can't make that decision for you, I can say this. The curved shape, rich coloring and remarkably eye catching design in this Serpui Marie clutch could easily make you the belle of the ball.

More Features of this Serpuie Marie Shell Purse

  • Genuine shell exterior
  • Unusual hand-crafted shape
  • Patterned fabric lining
  • Solid box design

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