Selena Gomez’s New Dream Out Loud Collection | Winter Bags & Clothes from Disney Star

Posted on: Jan 4

Selena GomezYou'd think Selena Gomez's schedule would be pretty full, between acting duties on Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place and time spent romancing her new man Justin Bieber. But she's still found time to release a new collection of her Dream Out Loud fashion range.

The goodies for winter 2010/2011 include casual jeans, T-shirts, jackets, hats, scarves, and purses. Parents will be thrilled that the teen queen's clothes are all age appropriate for her young fans, and affordably priced with accessories starting from $8.

You don't get luxury materials for that price, but the shiny vinyl and whimsical bird motifs should do enough to impress budding fashionistas. We particularly like the edgy diagonal zip pockets on the vinyl mini cross-body handbag, and the pink birds and dots on the red shimmer hinge wallet. What's your favorite bag from the collection?

It's uncertain how much of this line Selena Gomez is responsible for, but if she's lending more than her name she may have a future in fashion ahead of her. The cheap and cheerful Dream Out Loud range is available exclusively through K-Mart.

[Source: BSC Kids]
[Image Source: Glenn Francis/Wikipedia Commons]

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