Second-Hand Purses Popular in Hong Kong with Budget Shoppers

Posted on: Mar 21

Bag lovers in Hong Kong are beating the financial crisis by snapping up second-hand luxury purses.

Pre-loved Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel handbags bring massive crowds to Milan Station in Causeway Bay. Yu Chan is a regular visitor who began to look for second-hand purses in response to the recession.

"Because, if for the same price you can get, I mean if for a more attractive price, you can get the same quality, why not?" said Yu. One of her favorite buys is a moss green Lindy bag. Ordinarily the Hermes purse would cost more than $6000, but Yu found hers for just $4000.

But Yu isn't alone. Tony Chan, the chief marketing officer of Milan Station, says his ten stores have seen a five to seven percent increase in business since last year. He claims shoppers are still attracted to the iconic Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags, even if they can no longer afford the latest lines.

"They like the LV and Gucci most because they want to show it off," he explained. "When you buy the handbag, it shows you it's a high-end brand. It's easy for your sight. That's why."

It sounds like they might be onto something in Hong Kong! None of us want to support the knock-off designers, but buying a pre-loved luxury purse is another matter entirely. Until similar market stores open near us, there's always eBay!

[Source: VOA News]
[Image Source: Ronnieliew/Flickr]

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