Santi Multi-Colored Sequined Clutch | Bright Cheerful Decorative Evening Bag

Posted on: Sep 1

In this spirit of this season's parties, carnivals and fiestas, let me introduce this cute sequined Santi clutch.

Covered head to toe in layer upon layer of colorful sequins, this slouchy clutch looks like it should be surrounded by showers of confetti, and illuminated by the light of a thousand fireworks. It is so cheery that it is impossible to see this as formal or stuffy; instead, this decorative purse is all about fun, fun, fun!

Of course, that much color is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it allows you to coordinate it with a myriad of possible outfits. On the other hand, you may find it too bright to wear with anything that is bold itself. The shape too is a bit contradictory. Looking at it one way this sequined clutch offers space and practicality, in an elegant design. From the other approach, however, it is shaped exactly like so many other Santi purses, which may be a bit limiting.

This frame clutch is great fun, but has Santi done enough to justify the $163 price tag?

More Features of this Multi-Colored Sequined Evening Bag

  • Optional long shoulder strap
  • Black satin interior
  • Sequined satin exterior
  • Frame clasp closure

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