Rihanna Gives Katy Perry Valentino Handbag | Designer Purse Kickstarts Pop Star Friendship

Posted on: Apr 16

Rihanna MicWe all know that a gorgeous handbag is the way to any woman's heart. And for Katy Perry and Rihanna, it was the glue that cemented their friendship.

In a new interview with Elle magazine Katy Perry recounts her first meeting with the Barbados born pop star. Perry was taken with Rihanna's "cool studded Valentino bag that had sparkly stuff on it." Perry complimented the fellow singer on the purse, who promptly told her she'd send her one of her very own.

Perry was sceptical, believing that Rihanna may be "one of those tricks who talks fast friends but never lives up to it." But sure enough, Rihanna showed she was a woman of her word and sent Perry a matching Valentino purse around Valentine's Day.

They've been friends ever since. Rihanna was behind Perry's rocking bachelorette party, and also the one she turned to when her marriage to Russell Brand ended in divorce last year.

Clearly they do things a bit differently in the celebrity world. The gifts are certainly more elaborate! But the core values of honesty and loyalty are the keys to any great friendship, no matter what your status.

What's the best present you ever received from a friend?

[Source: News.com.au]
[Image Source: LikeRiri/Wikipedia Commons]

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