Rickshaw Bagworks’ New Herringbone Material | Performance Tweed Made From Recycled Polyester

Posted on: Aug 23

The accessories from eco-friendly San Francisco fashion line Rickshaw Bagworks have had a makeover. The brand has just released a new herringbone patterned material known as Rickshaw Performance Tweed. The durable fabric was inspired by the iconic woolen textiles of Scotland and Ireland, although Rickshaw Bagworks has given the fabric a few modern tweaks.

The new design is made from 100% recycled polyester, which is then treated with an eco-friendly coating to help it repel stains. The upholstery grade material is durable and woven in the USA to minimize Rickshaw Bagworks' carbon footprint. It's available in five different European inspired colors: Earl Grey, pink Piccadilly, green SecretGarden, brown Stout, and Yellow Submarine.

The Rickshaw Performance Tweed is available in all of the label's products including its computer handbags, iPad sleeves, and popular Zero Messenger bags. Prices start at just $30. You can find the new Rickshaw Bagworks bags at the brand's San Francisco and Dogpatch factory stores and the Rickshaw Bagworks website. Just click on the "customize" tab to add the Rickshaw Performance Tweed to your favorite Rickshaw Bagworks accessory when shopping online.

[Source: Treehugger]

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