Retro Style Reins with Dmarcel’s Quirky Cigar Box and T-Shirt Handbags

Posted on: Jul 6

Kitschy vintage accessories are the key to eco-friendly accessories label Dmarcel. The brand takes retro goods and turns them into fun handbags, jewelry, and belt buckles.

T-shirts become tote bags, cigar boxes become summery purses, and vintage posters become pendants. In fact, any fascinating thrift store finds are fair game for this quirky accessories brand. By using repurposed vintage items Dmarcel can create stylish goodies that are true originals, and great conversation starters.

"I started designing my own jewelry and handbags after looking at women everywhere wearing mass-produced items found at every store," explained Dmarcel’s creator. "Even as a young child I refused to wear what all the other girls were wearing."

After all, where's the fun in following the pack? The bold Dmarcel designs, which celebrate pulp fiction, cult movies, and vintage pin-up girls, won't be to everyone's tastes but there's something appealing about these accessories which dare to be different.

Dmarcel handbags are available from the label's online store and green e-retailer Eco-Handbags.

[Source: Dmarcel]

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