Reclaimed Rugs Become Exotic English Handbags with Carpet Bags

Posted on: Jul 6

We've all heard of carpet bags, but we've never seen carpet bags quite like the ones made from green British handbag maker Carpet Bags!

The brand creates unique handbags crafted from the finest viscose and cotton carpets, known as Silkie carpets. These are no tatty old rugs or beer-stained mats. Their traditional Persian designs give the purses an exotic, Middle Eastern flavor. In fact, the patterns are so pretty it seems Carpet Bags has rescued the fabrics; surely such good looking materials should be admired rather than walked over!

Carpet Bags takes its green credentials seriously. Each Carpet Bags purse is handcrafted in the county of Cambridgeshire to minimize the brand's carbon footprint.

The attention to detail is what's seen Carpet Bags admired for more than 30 years. The bags are all lined with black cotton twill to ward off wear and tear, and fitted with interior pockets and adjustable shoulder straps.

Carpet Bags are available from the label's online store and the Eco-Handbags website.

[Image Source: Beadwoman/Flickr]

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