Rebecca Minkoff Pointy Stud Pouch | Feisty Studded Rocker Cross-Body Bag

Posted on: Aug 26

This isn't the first studded pouch we have seen from Rebecca Minkoff. In fact, you could say that she specializes in this particular design. With this version, however, she has upped the ante on the aggression!

How can I tell this is more aggressive? Well, just look at those studs! She has avoided the pyramid or round styles most commonly found on fashion accessories, and have instead opted for vicious pointy little creations. They could take your eye out, and I suppose they mean that this cross-body doubles up as a weapon for self defense!

Those studs are following in the footsteps of designers such as Louboutin, and Louise Goldin. They are perhaps the only style of studding that is still in fashion as we head towards winter, making this leather clutch quite a desirable purchase. Of course the limited space is still relevant regardless of looks, but I actually think you will be alright if you limit yourself to the essentials.

This may not be the most comfy purse to carry (thank god for the long strap!), but it is one hell of a designer piece. Now just to save up the $330 I need to buy it!

More Features of this Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Pouch

  • Similar styles available across the Rocker range
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Hard pointy studded exterior
  • Polka dot satin lining

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