Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Cross Body | Dramatic Clutch with Oversized Studs

Posted on: Jun 27

Studs, some people say, have been overdone. They are too much of an ironic statement nowadays to still be truly fashionable. However, I think that as long as you find something new to do with them they can still be pretty cool.

This Rebecca Minkoff clutch manages just that: to do something different. That difference is mainly in the relative flatness (most studs nowadays are either pyramid shaped or convex), and in the size. By being far bigger than we are used to seeing the studs make a different impression, looking far more minimalist than we would expect a bag titled "Rocker" to ever be.

The bag itself isn't as new. The white leather, whilst cool and modern, will be hard to keep clean, which means it is a good job that this pouch shaped design will fit in another bag. That design too has been seen before, but I don't see why that has to be a negative. Especially as this cross body has definitely improved on its predecessors!

Clean and clever but very pricey at $295, is this the sort of rocker you need?

More Features of this Rebecca Minkoff Rocker Clutch

  • Also available in black
  • Leather and stud exterior
  • Removable long cross-body strap
  • Contrasting polka dot interior

Get this Studded Cross-Body:

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