Rampage Rosalie Studded Purse | Metallic Synthetic Shoulder Flap Clutch

Posted on: Sep 14

Combine metallic shine and studs with a dose of practicality in this spacious Rampage clutch.

It isn't often that you get something so decorative, but which still offers you plenty of internal space. After all, clutches are famed for being small and pretty, whereas the Rosalie clutch leans more towards a large satchel. This could hold you back, and it is therefore a relief that they include a handle. After all, I would imagine this clutch bag would be pretty hard to "clutch"!

Design wise, people are either going to love or hate this synthetic leather purse. The color is nice, in a sweet cherry red, and the studs are always going to be popular. But the big plastic design orients this slightly more towards a youth market. I can't really imagine a hard working executive wearing a metallic bag like this to work!

At a bargain $27.20, this shoulder flap clutch is a real cheapy! If you think you like it, this price makes it worth the risk!

More Features of this Rampage Rosalie Clutch

  • Also available in caramel
  • Synthetic leather exterior
  • Contrasting satin lining
  • Optional long shoulder strap

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