Ralph Lauren Alligator Bag | Luxurious Metallic Bronze Exotic Drawstring Purse from Purple Label

Posted on: Sep 1

From Ralph Lauren’s luxurious Purple Label comes this ultra opulent alligator bag.

Drawstring bags tend to be a relaxed affair, but there's nothing casual about this exotic purse. As if genuine alligator doesn't have enough oomph, this skin is given a metallic bronze makeover. Personally, I feel this glitzy coat cheapens the look. The brassiness makes it resemble an imitation exotic rather than the real deal. And with its whopping $20, 000 price tag, I'd want to people to know my bag is authentic!

The exterior doesn't impress me, but the inside has me salivating. It's fitting that such a luxurious space is lined in buttery soft chocolate leather. It's not the most practical choice, but something tells me anyone who carries a handbag worth $20k isn't so concerned with everyday issues! But sadly, this is another case of style winning out over substance. It's lacking in the organization department, although if you dropped this much on a purse you might not have the cash to buy anything to put in it!

This bag's gaudy finish is not to my tastes, and its retail value is not to my budget, but I can imagine the Paris Hiltons of this world embracing this show pony!

More Features of This Ralph Lauren Bronze Bag

  • Gold hardware
  • An engraved nameplate on the handle
  • An attached leather purse
  • A removable shoulder strap
  • Measures 14 x 15 x 7 inches

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