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Posted on: Feb 19

RAGGEDedge Carbon Fiber BagWhen leather, canvas, and nylon just aren't tough enough look to the bags from RAGGEDedge.

This innovative label shuns traditional material for cutting-edge fibers used in the military and aerospace. Even girls who are particularly hard on their purses won't be able to break ones made from kevlar aramid, carbon fiber, pentex, or PET-X!

RAGGEDedge uses these high-tech materials to create tough as nails briefcases, messengers, tech sleeves, wallets, and totes. Now the label just needs to release some cute clutches and we'll have a bag for all occasions!

RAGGEDedge clearly has respect for its materials, and it creates designs to honor the raw beauty of these fabrics rather than passing fashion fads. That might not impress some bag lovers, but I think the classic appeal of these bags is worth celebrating. After all, what's the point in having a bag that will last forever if its looks don't hold up?

The durable, high-tech RAGGEDedge bags are available from the label's online store.

[Source: RAGGEDedge website]

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