Rachel Roy’s Japanese Charity Bag | Kindness is Always Fashionable Tote

Posted on: Jul 23

Rachel Roy Kindness is Always Fashionable ToteRachel Roy might be a little later than most to help out the people of Japan, but better late than never, right? Her Kindness is Always Fashionable tote will help raise funds for the still devastated victims of March's earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Her rustic looking tote is adorned with the thought-provoking slogan underneath the minimalist Japanese flag. Its long black straps complement the bold text well, and really pop against the earthy beige background. Turn the bag around and you'll see Rachel Roy's signature with a cute red heart, symbolizing her love for the troubled Asian nation. So many designers forget about the back of their bags, so I'm thrilled to see Rachel Roy’s made a little more effort.

This tote is affordable at $25, and 100% of that money benefits Global Giving, a charity which provides short and long-term aid to the natural disaster's victims. With so many fashion labels skimming a bit off the top of their charity bags, it's refreshing to see one that's completely selfless. We'll probably move on to the next cause before too long, but the telling slogan of Kindness is Always Fashionable will help it remain relevant for several seasons to come.

[Source: The Bag Snob]

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