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Posted on: May 23

Queen LatifahQueen Latifah is the latest celebrity to add designer to her already full resume. The rapper and actress will release an apparel and accessory collection, appropriately called Queen, through the Home Shopping Network later this year.

The Queen collection will feature leggings, jeans, leather coats, handbags, and even clip-on hair extensions. As we'd expect from HSN the range will be affordably priced, with most clothing costing less than $100. The bags and leather outerwear will predictably be a bit more expensive, but at prices ranging from $170 to $300 even these high end items aren't exorbitant.

Queen Latifah is proud of her curves, but she's quick to point out her signature collection isn't a plus-sized one. In fact, she detests the term and thinks it should be struck from our vocabulary! Instead Queen Latifah's collection is made to suit women of all sizes from skinny minnies to more voluptuous goddesses.

"We all want to wear beautiful, fly clothes no matter what size you are, and so for me it was important to match with a company that understood and respected that ideal," she told Women's Wear Daily.

Look out for Queen apparel and accessories on the Home Shopping Network late August.

[Source: The Washington Informer]
[Image Source: Gdcgraphics/Wikipedia Commons]

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